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Multiple Syringe Holder

The Multiple Syringe Holder has been
designed to hold up to 7 to 10 syringes
at a time of varying sizes from 1cc to
10 cc. The whole body of the syringe
holder is made of stainless steel lined
with 3mm lead for safe and easy
transportation of radioactive isotopes.


Capacity: 7 to 10 syringes
Syringe Size: 2cc, 3cc, 5cc, 10cc
Shielding: 3mm Lead
Size: Height 7"


The Shielding syringe carrier provides protection to
the user from radiation while storing and transporting
syringes or vials containing radio nuclides. It is fully
tested with TC-99m Generator which provides 95%
cut off from radiation. It has stainless steel body which
is lined with 1 /8" lead all around the body. It can
accommodate syringe from 2cc to 10cc



Height : 4.0 Inches
Width : 3.0 Inches
Length : 8.0 Inches
Shielding : 3.0 mm Lead
Body : SS 304


This Syringe Shield provides perfect shielding
because of its bubble free lead shielding.
Maximum protection is achieved by its high
transparency, 5.2mm imported& bubble free
Lead glass (4.8 gm/cc Lead equivalent). Besides
the above it gives superb readability for dose
measurement and a colored strip inside the
shield adds on to its readability & visibility. The
syringe provides a shielding of more than 95%
and is still light weight. It's full stainless steel & rust proof body ensures extra protection & durability to
the user.

Light weight and easy to use Colored strip for superb readability


The "L" - bench Shield has been designed, keeping
in mind the user protection. For that purpose the "L"
Shield are provided with VV'IMPORTED lead glass
plus W clear glass for the protection of lead glass from scratch. The lead glass is of the highest density
(4.8gm) used in Nuclear Medicine without affecting the
visibility. The body of the L- Shield is designed
with W lead with a steel frame and base.


Mini : 13"Wx 13"D x 18"H
Standard :
18"Wx 18" D x 26" H
Body Shield (SS) :
6mm Lead Lined
Lead Glass :
8mm thick
: 4.8gm/cc


LinedFume Hood has been fabricated to meet the
requirement of the area. It has got stainless steel
lead lined working area, with clear acrylic door with
counter weights for effortless and smooth opening
and closing. The working area is illuminated with
fluorescent lamp. The control panel is provided with
On/Off switch for mains, motors for exhaust fan/
blower, tube light and mains indicator.
External Dimensions: 48L x 28D x 84H”
Internal Work Zone Dimensions:
45L x 24D x 36H"
Exhaust Outlet Diameter: 4“
Construction Inner MS Pipe and Plate
with duel painted. outer Stainless Steel
Body finish. Or MS with Duel Power quoted
Lead Lining Main working area.
Work zone area: Stainless Steel grade 304.

The decay drum is for the purpose of storage of
Radiopharmaceutical waste for decay. It is available
in different size with variation in lead wall thickness as
per individual's requirement. The steel container
having lead wall helps significantly in reducing
the radiation hazard from waste generated in Nuclear
Medicine Department and Nuclear Pharmacy.

Made of MS Duel Power Coated with regular
barrel tops for sealing Sliding doors Lead lined with 3.0mm or 6.0 mm thick Four castors for easy movement

Interlocking Sanlar lead bricks make it easy to
erect, modify and relocate protective walls and
cells of any size. Their V-shaped edges
eliminate the danger of leakage common to all
straight edged bricks and create sturdier walls
with greater resistance against toppling. The
system accepts lead glass windows, remote
handling tools and other accessories which
can be removed and used on other projects.
All bricks are guaranteed to be homogeneous
and free of air voids.
The construction of an interlocking enclosure
requires careful calculation to select the proper
combination of bricks. To simplify ordering, here
are three enclosures utilizing three walls, showing
the quantity and description of bricks needed.
Type of Bricks
Standard, Base, Base Top, Corner Base
Corner, Corner Top

Lead Glass is the finest fluoroscopic quality barring
glass available. This glass provides the protection
equivalent of 2.00 mm thick lead plate and offers the
ultimate in "see through" shielding. The lead glass has
a density of 4.8 and 5.2 and is 8mm thick and 100mm
thick. Used in single or multiple sheets, the glass plate
acts as an inexpensive shielding in radioisotope
laboratories and nuclear facilities. The untinted sheets
offer visible light transmission of 87%.


The Vial Shield is ideally suited for loading, storage
& safe transportation of vials containing
radioisotopes . It is available with or without 4.8g/cc
lead glass window with S.S. finish from inside for
easy cleaning and viewing. The top is featured with
sliding lead cap to access the encased vial and the
vial can also be loaded from either top or bottom.
The Lead Glass Vial Shield provides the highest
level of visibility and safety to the vial containing
radioactive isotopes. It is designed with removable
twist lock or lift-off tops for easy cleaning & needle

Sanlar "Maximum Safety, Maximum Convenience"
These sponge forceps are perfect for gripping vials
rather than handling them with your hand. The
serrated jaws and looped tip assure a solid grasp on
the vial. The 10" length of these forceps reduces exposure. They are available straight or curved.


Strong grip.
Made of stainless steel for not get rust.
Easy to grip with handle fix grip