•   Radio Pharmaceutical PET & SPECT
      •   Nuclear Medicine equipments
      •   Nuclear Medicine (PETS & SPECT)
      •   Nuclear power establishment
      •   Hot cell (Indian & imported)
      •   Blood Irradiators
      •   PET & Consumable
      •   Reagents
      •   Ligands
      •   Precursors
      •   O-18 Water
      •   Synthesizing Modules
      •   Phantoms
      •   Hand Held Gamma Camera
      •   Gamma Probe For Sentinal Lymph Nodes
      •   Radiation Monitoring & Control System
Institutes of atomic energy, POLATOM, Poland
Medi-Radiopharma Ltd, Hungary
Institute of  Isotopes Co. Ltd, Hungary
Huayi Isotopes Co., China
Premium Analyse, France
Crystal Photonics GmbH, Germnay
Atomtex, Belarus
ITD, Dresden Germany
Gamma Services Medical GmbH, Leipzig Germany
Gerodia, Brno, Czech Republic
Vestec USA
Capintec, USA
JSC, Russia
CRM, Russia
GSG International, Switzerland
Eckert & Ziegler, Germany ( for specific products )
VF, Czech republic ( Calibration system and contamination monitors)