•   Radio Pharmaceutical PET & SPECT
      •   Nuclear Medicine equipments
      •   Nuclear Medicine (PETS & SPECT)
      •   Nuclear power establishment
      •   Hot cell (Indian & imported)
      •   Blood Irradiators
      •   PET & Consumable
      •   Reagents
      •   Ligands
      •   Precursors
      •   O-18 Water
      •   Synthesizing Modules
      •   Phantoms
      •   Hand Held Gamma Camera
      •   Gamma Probe For Sentinal Lymph Nodes
      •   Radiation Monitoring & Control System
Provides all type of Services for Nuclear Medicine Equipments. SANLAR today is having vast expertise in setting up of hot labs for Nuclear Medicine in India. SANLAR, today with its back-up production facility and R&D facility at Umbergaon, is fabricating and developing state of the art equipment (Radiation Protection Items) for its users. We are everyday strengthening our commitment for best quality products and serviceser as an ongoing mission.Our products include Radiation Protection products, like Lead bricks, L- Bench, syringe shield, Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow, Syringe carrier lead Aprons etc for both PET and Nuclear Medicine Centre in line with International Standard. We are also the Importer & Exporter of Radiation Protection / Detection / Measurement Instruments/Equipments used in Nuclear Medicine Department along with the Cold Kits Used for Diagnostic Examination.

Since beginning it has been SANLAR constant endeavor to understand the user’s needs and to provide complete solutions and services for the needs of our end users at most competitive prices without comprising on quality. We believe in providing the best solution to the customer and have always been working closely with the users and believe strongly in dedicated services. At SANLAR, we believe in team work and innovation. The best solutions come by working as a team with the involvement of end users. It is the teamwork that MAKING THINGS WORK… FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY WITH PRACTICAL USE.