•   Radio Pharmaceutical PET & SPECT
      •   Nuclear Medicine equipments
      •   Nuclear Medicine (PETS & SPECT)
      •   Nuclear power establishment
      •   Hot cell (Indian & imported)
      •   Blood Irradiators
      •   PET & Consumable
      •   Reagents
      •   Ligands
      •   Precursors
      •   O-18 Water
      •   Synthesizing Modules
      •   Phantoms
      •   Hand Held Gamma Camera
      •   Gamma Probe For Sentinal Lymph Nodes
      •   Radiation Monitoring & Control System

SANLAR group was created in 2002 for marketing and supplying hi tech engineering products in the field of Nuclear Medicine including Radiopharmaceuticals.

SANLAR has been diversifying since 2003 into products and need based solutions of Healthcare segment with special reference to Nuclear medicine and bio-technology products. As on date, our involvement with radiopharmaceutical is adjudged from the fact that largest number of Cold Kits are offered to the Nuclear medicine community in a short spell. With a view to providing state of the art technology emphasizing on radiation safety at par with international standards, SANLAR has joined hands with M/s Isotopen Technologies Dresden, Dresden Germany for technical know-how. Measuring instruments comes from CAPINTEC, ISOMED , Sources from POLATOM and E & Z , Berlin, Unit dose System from Trasis Belgium and many other items from various companies all over the world. We can claim that we have covered all the products required by any Gamma , PET and Cyclotron center’s.  GSG group which manufactures the Blood Irradiator under the brand name of BIOBEAM of the highest quality is also marketed by us in India since 2008. We have Gamma probe for Sentinel Nodes from Crystal Photonics, Berlin Germany.

Since beginning it has been SANLAR constant endeavor to understand the user’s needs and to provide complete solutions and services for the needs of our end users at most competitive prices without comprising on quality. We believe in providing the best solution to the customer and have always been working closely with the users and believe strongly in dedicated services.

At SANLAR, we believe in team work and innovation. The best solutions come by working as a team with the involvement of end users. It is the teamwork that MAKING THINGS WORK… FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY WITH PRACTICAL USE. Today, SANLAR combines its vast expertise of technical matters, engineering, software, regular imports, commercial marketing & sales to extend a wide range of healthcare services.

SANLAR has as of now the following group of Products under the Nuclear Medicine Group :

  1. •  Radiopharmaceutical  for Nuclear Medicine
  2. •  Radio-Isotope for diagnostic and therapy
  3. •  Radiation protection instrument for both Nuclear medicine and Nuclear Power Industry
  4. •  High End Blood Irradiators (BIOBEAM)
  5. •  Radiation protection Equipment  custom designed for both Nuclear medicine as well as Nuclear Power.
  6. •  Exporters of various fabricated items for radiation protection to Europe.

The healthcare division of SANLAR is having vast expertise in setting up of hot labs for Nuclear Medicine. SANLAR, today with its back-up production facility and R&D facility at Umbergaon, Gujarat , is fabricating and developing state of the art equipment (Radiation Protection Items) for its users. We are everyday strengthening our commitment for best quality products and services as an ongoing mission. Our products include Radiation Protection products, accessories for Nuclear medicine Centre. Recently we have entered the field of Nuclear Power.

On Nuclear Power sector, we provide

  1. •  Dosimeters , Spectrometers, survey meter, mobile scanner from ATOMTEX, Belarus,
  2. •  Tritium Monitor from Premium Analyse, France ,
  3. •  Oxygen Analyser from SARAD, Germany,
  4. •  Georadis, Czech Rep for Radiation Scanners,
  5. •  Calibration system from VF, Czech Rep. And many more.

  6. We are also supplying Glove boxes Lead Glass shielded and Hot cell for various application.
We are now in the process of building up few facilities for Radio Isotope dispensing and calibration in India. We have about 32 permanent employees and have tie-up with various other companies for very specialized jobs on contract basis. We have main offices in Mumbai  & Delhi and resident offices in Hyderabad and Chennai. Our factory is located in Umergaon, Gujarat. Our main strength is that our Partners/Advisors from BARC/BRIT/RMC/AERB who have super-annuated and have more than 40 years of man-hour experience in this field and technology which is the proven and tested to guide us thorough in all our ventures.

Our MOTTO is to not only to provide the best of the Equipments , consumable and accessories  + service but also to contribute to the growth of the fraternity/modality where we are selling our products.